Jewish Community Council of 

Northern New Mexico

Dear Members of the Jewish Community of Northern New Mexico,

In the Jewish tradition securing a place for burial is one of the first things a community does, even before creating a synagogue or a religious school.  Among the greatest Mitzvah in Judaism is burying the dead.

We are pleased to report the cemetery committee of the Jewish Community Council of Northern New Mexico has taken on the responsibility of addressing the need for additional Jewish cemetery space in Santa Fe.  In 1996, arrangements were made for a dedicated Jewish section at the Memorial Gardens cemetery on Rodeo Road here in Santa Fe, New Mexico  Available land in the consecrated Jewish section within Memorial Gardens is limited, however; we must act now.  

It is not easy to discuss death, but please do not procrastinate.  Often interesting family conversations result from talking about burial wishes.  Even the person you know best - your parent, signifiant other, your child or a dear friend - may not have told you what he or she is thinking.  

The cost as of March 2020 for one plot at Memorial Gardens is $4,000.  For two burial rights in a double depth plot the cost is $6,400.  If you already own a burial plot you can purchase addition burial rights for a double depth plot where the cost is $2,400.  Payment schedules can be arranged with the cemetery.  Santa Fe Memorial Gardens offers full time maintenance, perpetual care and Tahara facilities on site.  Please contact Tiffany Cross the cemetery director at 505-989-7032 if you have any questions.  

Note, as part of the cost of a grave in the Jewish section, an additional 10% of the property sales will be donated to the cemetery fund of the JCCNNM to be used for aesthetic improvements and possible indigent burials.  

We welcome our input, help, or participation in this wonderful Jewish community-wide project.  A dedicated, developed area for present and future generations to visit is an essential part of any vibrant Jewish community.  

Thank you for your support of this important community project.  

May you and your loved ones be inscribed in the Book of Life for a happy and sweet New Year.  

The Jewish Community Council of Northern New Mexico.